Monday, September 30, 2013

SVG Cuts - The Little Company That Won!

If you've been a follower or friend of my blog, then you know that about 98% of all of my posts are of paper crafts that I have made with patterns from SVG Cuts. This little company is based in the home of Leo and Mary Kowal, in St. Charles, Illinois. Mary makes the awesome patterns for all of the projects you see on my blog. You'll notice all of the links are to their website.  Leo takes care of the technical side, working on the website, keeping up on their FB page (with over 33,000 followers), photographing, videoing and talking with us directly when we need our hand held to figure something out. They work long hours to present us with an entire set of projects pretty much every week, all the while tolerating all of us fans trying to hurry them up and asking for hints about what the new kit is going to contain. Their generosity is beyond amazing. They have really turned their little community into a fairly large family of creative crafters, full of fun, support, loyalty and sharing like no place I've ever seen.
Over the past month we have all been voting, as Leo and Mary's company was a nominee for the Martha Stewart American Made awards. There were six categories, and they won the craft category. Then, with one more week of voting for the Grand Prize Winner, the SVG Cuts fans pulled through again and our favorite couple won the grand prize. They get to meet Martha Stewart in New York in a couple of weeks, during which time, by the way, they will be on their honeymoon!

So, I just wanted to share with you this amazing company, SVG Cuts, and their wonderful owners, Leo and Mary, and congratulate them on this awesome acknowledgement of their hard work and talent. Oh, and on their recent marriage too! Take a look through my blog to see some of the cool projects they have designed. And, visit SVG Cuts on their website and take a browse, and also come play with us on their FB page!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer Flowers and Cards

Seems like summer came late for us in San Diego. The entire summer passed with mild weather, until the very end of August and into September. Then the heat overwhelmed us. It makes a person lethargic, and gives us an excuse not to go walking because we "don't want to overheat the dog," because, as you know, dogs don't sweat to stay cool, they pant.

I'm just going to share a few of the things I have worked on since my big baby shower project. I had a sis-in-law's birthday, and she had requested some roses. Here they are. They came from SVG Cuts' Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit. I previously made them in pinks, but I really love them in the reds.  The vase was etched with a file from the Sil store, but the flowers were replaced with Mickey heads. My sis-in-law and family are huge Disney fans.

Next, I have made this next card for three totally different occasions now (birthday, sympathy and wedding). I just love how it turned out. I even had a relative who has requested it for their next birthday, a year away (yup, the same person for whom I made the above red roses). The pattern for the card came from the Home for the Holidays SVG Kit. I changed it up a bit, and added the little Queen Anne's lace flowers from 3D Flowers SVG Kit Part II. The paper is from Graphic 45 Bird Song. It's a gorgeous paper pack. The card is sitting on a pink envelope.
 The last thing I'll post today was a little shoe that was made during a promo for SVG Cuts. They provided the pattern for this shoe to anyone who wanted to make it. It came from the wedding kit named Love Always SVG Kit. We were asked to make it in any papers/embellishments, etc. that we wanted. We posted it, and emailed Leo, and received a gift card for participation. Seems as if over 600 of us made the shoes! I think that kept Leo busy for a couple of weeks. You can go to SVG Cuts Facebook page and look some of the submissions. You will be amazed at how intricate some are. Mine is a pretty simple one comparatively.
Well, that's all I have to share today. Hope you are all having a great summer, and that fall will soon be upon us. Looking forward to cooler crisp weather and wearing a hoodie.

Dreaming of Autumn