Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Gifts

I posting today some gifts I made for Valentine's Day. I hesitate to call them Valentine's gifts as they are not a traditional representation of what a gift on that day would be. It's not candy, or flowers, or jewelry, or a romantic dinner.
I'm starting with a gift for my 1st born grandson. I made these two creepers that I decorated using a heat transfer press and heat transfer paper. The fox and giraffe were art work from Studio South Seas. The artist is so talented, and I love her work! Check out her wonderful prints by clicking on the link.
This little pillow box was made from a pattern in SVG Cuts Christmas Gifts Bags and Boxes SVG Kit. I made it as large as I could on the cutting mat, and it fit both creepers easily.

My childhood BFF came for a crafting day and we made these t-shirts and baseball caps for her grandkids. The t-shirts were made with htv and a heat press. The baseball caps were made with card stock, and are actually boxes that you can put a gift into. The pattern for the baseball cap boxes comes from SVG Cuts Fun and Games SVG Kit.

And, now the most Valentine-related gift I made for each of the ladies in my Bunco group. This little pale pink and black candy box is made from SVG Cuts' My Day With Dad SVG Kit. It's a gift card box that's is one-piece and oh so easy to make. I left the insert for the gift card out of it and just put candy in it.
Lastly, I'd like to share a card I made for a friend. I pretty much designed this one on my own. The only cut file I used that I didn't design was the little life preserver on the fence came from Fleurette Blooms Ships Ahoy! Element Cutting File.  I used the main background of the card from digi paper called Mama Razzi by Bo Bunny. I designed the cut file for the lighthouse myself.
So, as you can see, they're not all pink hearts and smooches, but a bit more practical and still a fun gift. Happy Valentine's Day anyway!

Think Warm Thoughts
(Spring will be here soon enough!)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Four Seasons Mugs

I can't take credit for these mugs, but I still just love them. I saw them on Pinterest, then followed the link to the blog of the person who made them. Her name is Laura, and her blog is "Beauty & the Beard." Her blog posting was done in 2012.
Like I said, I saw these on Pinterest, and my mind immediately went to my daughter, who LOVES TREES. How could I not make them for her? I contacted Laura and asked if I could copy hers.  She graciously consented. Please take a look at her blog to get the info on how she did this. She used a porcelain marker for hers. I'm sure the instructions are on the packaging. I, however, use oil-based Sharpie's, then baked in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes to make the marker permanent.
I am not really artistic when it comes to drawing. In fact, I made a vinyl stencil for the outlines of just the bare trees because my freehand of such was so atrocious. I did everything else in free hand myself, with Laura's mugs as my guide. (I admit, hers are much better! But, mine are mine.)
Here's the winter mug.
These were really fun to make. Also, this would be a great kids project! Just remember when you cook them, there are fumes (probably not-good-for-you fumes), so the kitchen needs to be well ventilated. And, after you turn the oven off, you need to let the mugs stay in the oven until the oven cools down on its own. I did it at nighttime before bed, turned the office off, kept the kitchen window open, and went to bed. They were totally cooled when I got up in the morning, and the kitchen had no residual odors.

How cute would one of these trees be with a little red heart hanging off of a branch for a Valentine's gift. Then maybe a nice tea bag or serving of chai to put inside!

Embrace Your Seasons!