Monday, January 15, 2018

Monograph Box

I just looked on my blog for this monograph box, and realized I had never posted it! That was a surprise. It's possible I was thinking I would wait until I had made the individual monographs (photo booklets) were made to go inside. Nevertheless, I'm going to post it now.

This box is amazing and strong. The pattern is from Paper Phenomenon. It's likened to a train case. The completed size is almost 8" tall, 12" across and just over 8" deep.
 It's made out of heavy chipboard, and covered with cardstock. I used Lineco Neutral Ph Adhesive to glue it together. It's a book binding glue, and very strong. It dries clear, with no shiny smearing.
It's made out of heavy chipboard, and covered with cardstock. The bottom is double-walled, and has two inner dividers to make three compartments.
All edges/folds are covered with cardstock.
The handle on the top is cover with black Tyvek, which feels almost like leather, and is extremely strong.
The front nameplate is also covered in Tyvek, and has an opening in the top so that you could slip in personalized cardstock with whatever information you chose.
There are rivets all around the borders, which are really just decorative. They are brads that have the prongs cut off and are glued to the edges. Then there are latches on both sides so that the top comes completely off.
 There are corner reinforcements as well, but they were just glued on the corners with a glue gun. The metal corners came with screws (rivets), but I didn't use them. I just note that here because someone was asking if the corners came with screws. They did in this case, but others said they did not.
And, here are a few more views of the finished box. I'm amazed at how sturdy it is.
 Once I've made the mongraphs, I will add onto this posting to include them.

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