Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Projects/Cards

The name of the project denoting "Fall" is a bit misleading. These are projects that were done in the fall, but living is Southern California, it doesn't feel like fall. In fact it was so warm today I was shocked when I walked outside. But, let it be said, I love the real fall, the one with cold, crisp days and the turning colors of the leaves.
This first card was made for my mother-in-law, and is a pattern from the 5-Minute Cards by SVG Cuts (my fave spot for cut files by far).
These cards really are so fast to make. As most of you know, it takes more time to pick out the paper than to make the card.  Nine cards come in the kit, and they are all quick and so practical. I used an Epiphany Craft small round embellishment for the centers of the flowers.

This is a fun summer card that I made for my brother's fall birthday. It also comes from SVG Cuts, in their Surf Shack SVG Kit. Super easy, again choosing of the paper being the most time consuming part.
Take a look at this kit. It has an old-style VW bus box that is just darling.

And, another birthday of a friend coincidentally the same day as my brother. She loves anchors, which I didn't know when I made this card for her. I also made a matching gift card box, which is so easy, and has a little insert where you can insert the gift card.
This card comes from the High Skies SVG Kit. It's a gatefold card, with lots of fun layers. The gift card box, which is becoming a staple for me, is from the My Day With Dad SVG Kit. I love choosing my own papers and themes to use on all of these cut files. They are all so versatile. 

Here's an easy and fun card that I made for a good friend's birthday. Just bright and cheery. The opening fold is on the top. This one comes from the Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit.
One more card, this one made for my niece's birthday. After I made it i thought I'd save it for her wedding, but I was too excited so I had to just give it to her. I love the old vintage look the most. It's my very favorite. I've shown this card in another post where I did give it as a wedding card. It's from the Attic Treasures SVG Kit. It comes with a little template so that you can center and cut out your photo to fit the little frame.
Lastly, here is a box I made from the Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit. I resized it down just about 4%, and it fit my gift just perfectly. I made the tag from some free printables I found on the web and Photoshop.  Again, the vintage look is so my fave!

Thanks for taking a look.

Happy Fall! Think crisp and cold!

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  1. Hey Deb, I didn't know you had a craft blog. Glad I found it. I've also gotten into paper crafting in the last few years, and now that I'm probably permanently unemployed, I've decided to try to make a few bucks off my creations. I also love the vintage look, which is what I'm trying to specialize in, but alas my skills are not as advanced as yours. I have a Big Shot and just ordered a Silhouette Cameo, so I'm now ready to advance to the big leagues, lol. Any advice or tips you care to pass along would be most appreciated. I'll definitely be back to check out your designs though.