Monday, April 17, 2017

Rooster Egg Box

Quick post here. I'm just a little bit obsessed with this rooster treat box. I made it for my grandson for Easter, and it's large enough to put quite a few plastic Easter eggs into, along with grass. It's a really good size, the height to the top of the comb being about 8", and the width across the largest area being a good 5". I was able to see a video of him opening it, and he loved it. I just think it's so cute. It comes from Germany, a company called  Sunshine Hobby Works. The entire site is in German, so you kind of have to wing it to figure it out, but it was worth it because I love the cut file. I cut this on my Sizzix Eclips electronic cutting machine.

Here's a little screen shot from the video of my little grandguy. He's having fun opening eggs!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Iris Fold Cards

I've probably already posted most of these individually over the years, but wanted to make a complete posting because I really like them.

These are called Iris Fold cards, and are made from patterns by SVG Cuts' in their Iris Fold Cards SVG Kit. There are quite a few pieces, but Mary (designer) has marked each piece so that they are easy to place. It's so fun; like putting a puzzle together. You can watch her youtube video tutorial for step-by-step instructions. She makes it so clear exactly what to do. It's pretty cool to see how they go together. I made most of these around five years ago, but the one I made recently left me wanting to revisit them.

This is the heart iris fold card. I made this for my sis-in-law's birthday. I believe the paper is by Fancy Pants, It's the Little Things. I was obsessed with this paper pack for a good long while. I kept buying it whenever I saw it. Along with these floral prints were lots of other patterns that were also really fun.
This next one is a flower pattern. The paper for this card is from the Togetherness paper pack by Cosmo Cricket. Gee, so far I've remembered who made the paper without having to look them up! Guess I must have loved this one as well. I used a couple of Epiphany Craft embellishments on this one. I have to admit, I never gave this one away. Just couldn't part with it.
Here's a different flower iris fold card, this one with a stem. It was shown as a sympathy card, but as you can see, you can use any of these for any occasion you choose. I made this one for one of my aunties. The paper for this one is from GCD Studios, called Funhouse. (I guessed wrong on this one. I thought it was Fancy Pants as well, but it wasn't.)
This one is a really cute house iris fold. Great for a house warming or the like. I added some space above it for a sentiment. I think I made a couple of these. Again, I added a couple of Epiphany embellishments, one in the center of the iris and the other a flag at the bottom right. The paper is by Cosmo Cricket, called Circa 1934.

And, the last one from this particular collection is a baby carriage iris fold. This one is very different than the others. Not your typical iris fold, but a much easier version of paper folding. The folded portions are all one piece, as opposed to the many pieces on the other cards. It's still adorable, though. I have no clue where the printed flower paper came from, but it's really sweet.

Finally, one more of the iris fold cards, this one from SVG Cuts' Sew Crafty SVG Kit.  This one was for another sis-in-law, a quilter, for her birthday this year. I believe there is a blog posting made earlier this year that describes it.
That's it for today. Hope you enjoy the iris fold cards, and give them a try. They are really fun, and turn out just beautiful, and I think very interesting.
Spring is here! Enjoy the flowers!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Paddy Day Slider Card

I must say it is really fun having a grandboy to make really silly cards and treats for, and who thinks it's funny. You can't really get away with things like this for adults. But, I had so much fun designing this for him.

I made the cut file for this slider card, which is used for the cover of the mini book/card, in Photoshop, then turned into a svg file for cutting with my Sizzix Eclips.  I snatched some leprechaun images from google, and removed all of the faces and replaced them with said grandboy's face (2 years old). All of the clover and gold coins were covered with Wink of Stella to give it a shimmer.

 I designed the pages in Photoshop with the silliest of poems, and printed them booklet style, two sided. Then I used the Mini Album dies from Sizzix, by Lynda Kanase for the pages. I used only two die cuts, which made three inside spreads.

The binding was tied with some thin craft twine.

If you're interested in making a spinner card, there are lots of instructional videos you can watch on youtube. Also, you can find dies for your die-cutting machines (like the Big Shot) that will perfectly cut you slider tracks. I just happened to make mine from scratch.

Little Emmett's parents sent me a video of him opening the card, making the little leprechaun spin down the track, and reading through it. It was the sweetest! He chuckled through the whole thing, and each time it was over he would say, "More!"

Thanks, little guy. EB's enjoyment watching you with your little book was at least equal to the enjoyment you displayed reading it. Love you tutto il mondo!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Showering Some Love on a Mommy-To-Be

I was honored to be able to organize a baby shower for one of my dearest friends today (with her own mom at my side). I have known this young lady since she was born, and she is my own daughter's most cherished friend. And, like my own daughter who now has a 2-year-old son, this friend is going to be following suit with a son of her own. We could not be more excited.

I designed and printed her invitations myself, and carried the theme to the envelopes as well. (Pertinent information has been changed.)

I had so much fun making decor for the shower. The first thing I'll share is this block tower. I had trouble finding perfectly square boxes, so finally ended up gluing two 10x10x5" cake boxes together. I then covered them with white paper (I got a roll of 18" wide kids easel paper). I decorated them with some silver decorative tape, and I cut out the letters, stars and circles out of silver metallic card stock on my Sizzix Eclips. I know it may look gold, but that's just the reflection of those tones in the room.

This little stork diaper bundle was pretty easy and so fun to make. Used some Honest diapers, so she can give them a try. I hear that diapers fit all kids differently, and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. So, this will give her a chance to try at this type.
Made this centerpiece or fireplace mantel  decor using some mason jars painted with acrylic paint. I added jute string and some silver starfish charms, Then, made a mini-banner put onto some painted dowels with Marley's name on the flags. Set it off on the side with photos of the new mommy and daddy when they were little, and both on merry-go-rounds.
I made some onesies to hang on a clothesline off of the fireplace. The mommy-to-be specifically requested the designs.
I made this cupcake box that I used to box four of the onesies. I customized the top with the baby's name. Also, inserted a sock in each "cupcake" to represent a cherry on top. The basic cupcake box came from SVG Cuts' 3D Numbers Party SVG Kit.
And, a 3D M from SVG Cuts' 3D Letters SVG Kit. These letters are about 6.5" tall. I added some rocks inside to weigh it down.

These little gift card boxes were made from SVG Cuts' My Day With Dad SVG Kit. Acetate was used for the clear window. Easy, fun little box to make. The main box is one piece, and then there's an insert inside to hold a gift card.
This is probably not too post worthy, but I really love this gift bag made from SVG Cuts' Acorn Autumn SVG Kit. I made it at 80% of the original size. And, I think the reason I like it so much is that I designed and printed the arrow cardstock myself.
I think my favorite piece for the shower decor is this rustic wall hanging. I got the branch from our front yard (we're not great gardeners, but when we need something like this it rocks!). I tied the jute twine along the top, and attached the dried flowers where I felt they worked. I draped open some of the center tendrils so that I could put the frame on the wall.
The party favor design came from Simply Simple Stamping's blog, where she called it Be Mine Hershey kisses Window Box. So easy. I took the manual cut and score info and made a svg file, so I can cut the entire thing with scoring in one fell swoop, four at a time. I'm way too lazy to cut and score each one by hand. I initially made these as Valentines treats for my bunco group. They were so cute I redesigned them and made them for this shower.

Here's the entrance table. We had the party favors, then a sweet children's book that was given to the Mommy-to-be, and was used as a guest "book." Also, the mom of the mommy-to-be got some blank note cards, and each person addressed an envelope to themselves to make it easier for her to send out thank you cards.
And, now just a bit of the food table. Here's the cake. Isn't it adorable?! It turned out just as we had hoped. That little surfboard is a real handcrafted custom surfboard made by baby-to-be's uncle. It's a beautiful board.
I made sugar cookies and tried my hand at decorating for the very first time. It's pretty obvious that I could use A LOT of practice. My sis-in-law came and spent the day with me decorating too. It was pretty comical. We had no idea what we were doing. I was almost going to toss them all and forget about it, but after walking away from them for a while and then coming back, I decided they weren't too horrible, just pretty amateur. Not sure I'm up to trying it again, but I know I'd do better next time.
Here are a couple more photos of the food table. Love the flower arrangement that another friend brought for the table. It was glorious. 
Well, there you have it. The shower was such fun. Two more showers the next two Saturdays, but I get to just be a guest! Now, that will be nice too!

Spreading Baby Love!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sew Happy to Say Happy Birthday!

This birthday card was made for my sis-in-law, a quilter. The cut files is from SVG Cuts' Sew Crafty SVG Kit. This pin cushion iris fold card was very fun and easy to make. The paper comes from Jenni Bowlin Studios, and is the Homespun Collection. I purchased the digital paper files from Snap Click Supply, and printed all the cardstock myself.
I really need to get my sis-in-law to make a blog to post photos of her quilts. She has the most exquisite taste in fabric choices and she does an impeccable job on every single one.

Happy Birthday, Joycie!

Faux leather gift card holder

Here's a little gift card holder which was made for a FB challenge on the Sizzix Elips and ECAL Facebook. It's made entirely with paper. The cut file is a free file from Simply Crafty SVGs. The embossing was done with a Fiskars texture plate. I added a few extra overlays to give it an overall leather feel.
 The little tab at the tip of the flap slides sideways under the button. I reinforced the tab with a small piece of laminate.

It's a really quick and fun little card holder!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Snake Venom, Cobweb Oil and Vampire Blood!

This will be a quick post to get into the swing of Halloween. I absolutely love these apothecary jars from SVG Cuts' Toil and Trouble SVG Kit. They are such great cut files. The two on the right are the exact same pattern, the smaller one being scaled down. You just can't beat Mary's files for any season or theme imaginable. They work great with my Sizzix Eclips electronic cutting machine.
I used embossing folders for the great textures on the side panels, the web on the top of one, and the spider on the top of the other. I used silver, then copper inking to give it a metallic look.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sizzix Eclips Blog Hop!

CONGRATS TO LINDA! You're the winner of  Deb's Crafty Side's blog hop! You'll be getting an email regarding your win!
Thanks for joining us in the #sizzixeclips Blog Hop (Aug. 2016). I hope you'll take a moment to browse my first blog hop ever, with projects made with my favorite electronic cutter, the Sizzix Eclips.

I have chosen Paris as my blog theme. My first item is this amazing Eiffel Tower from SVG Cuts' Travel the World SVG Kit. I visited this tower with two girlfriends some 44 years ago! It was quite an adventure traveling to Paris on Bastille weekend, when we had no idea what that occasion meant. We could only walk up to the first level since it wasn't in our budget to pay to go higher. (Europe on $10 a day back then)
This cut file is quite intricate. Even with this fast-cutting machine, each page took a bit of time to cut because they were so chuck-full of cuts. But, the Eclips performed every single cut beautifully.  And, I was so surprised to find out how easy this tower was to make. It took only four sheets of grey 12x12 card stock for the base and three sheets for the pink overlays. It looks almost daunting on sight, but with Mary's great tutorial, it went together perfectly. After cutting this out, I know that there is nothing this cutter can't handle. I stayed with a light pink and grey card stock (Bazzill) cut at Cardstock M (medium weight) setting. (click on photo to see close-up of cuts)
I next made this little octagonal box, from SVG Cuts' Maison de Madeline SVG Kit. It's adorable. I love the little knob on the top. This one is fast to make, and very easy as well. The digital paper is from Carta Bella Paris Girl (Paper Pack 1 and 2) and Echo Park's Be Mine Paper Pack. 

I glued some panels to the inside of the box to make it a bit stronger. I purchase most of my paper digitally; it saves so much room on card stock storage and you print only what you need at any particular time!
Lastly, I designed this Paris Marquee sign myself. I used the same card stock as the octagonal box, along with the pink Bazzill solid. The back is open so that I could insert the marquee lights and battery pack. I'm pretty excited about how it turned out, as I'm new at designing 3D projects. Believe me though, it is not without imperfections.
 The "shine" around the Paris wording is a light-weight glitter paper that I purchased at the dollar store. I mounted it on black card stock. Also used it around the inner edge overhang.
Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my projects. I would love for you to follow my blog!

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Here's a list of the Sizzix Eclips Hop Bloggers. Take a look and comment on all five!  The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more chances you have to win!

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Our blog hop ran from 8/19/2016 12:00 am ET thru 8/21/2016 11:59 pm ET.
The blog hop is now over, but please feel free to comment! For all winners, visit Jan's blog:

L'amour est dans l'air

Friday, May 20, 2016

Philaterium Box

As I'm gearing up to make a larger chip board project, I found a tutorial for this little trunk box on youtube made by Alexandra M. I thought it would be good practice leading to the larger project. So, here is my Philaterium Box. I don't have any idea what philaterium means or relates to, but here's the darling trunk I made.
The hardware used is a mixture of Tim Holtz Idea-ology, The Paper Studio Spare Parts and cup drawer pulls from Amazon.
The inside top of the upper chamber has a pocket where I added some ephemera.
The paper used is My Mind's Eye, Lost & Found Union Square.
There are two upper sections, and a drawer at the bottom.
I haven't quite figured out if I want to put something on the inside top of the center section, and if I do, I'm not sure exactly what. I'll have to think about that! Sometimes one needs to just step away and let new thoughts arrive!
It's a lovely little box, and I really enjoyed making it. Alexandra M. has some other free tutorials, including a vintage suitcase, that you could all try! She explains things really well, and is quick and concise. 
Hope you enjoyed my little box tour!

Make a special place to save some sweet memories!