Sunday, August 31, 2014

Baby Shower (Grey-White Theme)

This project is definitely on my "faves" list. I attended a baby shower where the gender is not going to be revealed until birth. The colors chosen were grey and white. I had already done the backgrounds but was unsure what to use to baby-it-up, when SVG Cuts came out with their Carousel Ride SVG Kit. I immediately fell in love with the carousel horse, and it became the element that made it so darling.
I made the cupcake box from the 3D Numbers Party SVG Kit. I designed the papers myself, and printed them on my wide format printer.
I customized the onesies with htv.

I then made customized clothing rod dividers for the baby's closet.  The one-piece box for the dividers came from SVG Cuts' My Day With Dad SVG Kit. I made it a solid top. And again, I used the carousel horse to tie it all together.
The card was also made to match.
I rolled onesies up with a baby sock inside, so that it looked like a cupcake with a cherry on top. So pleased with how this all turned out. Here's a photo with the completed set.
So many babies coming along these days, including my own grandson!  What a fun time.

A Little Gift From Heaven Awaits!


  1. Awesome job Deb as usual. Blessings on this joy and the one to come to your family as well.