Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pre-Birth Story Board Book

This little book was made for a dear friend whose little girl just turned one. During her pregnancy I would see this mommy each week as she worked across the street where I would pick up work. I'd give her a call, and she'd meet me out front, and we'd get a pregnancy photo. I used them for a game for her baby shower, and gave her the poster board from that, but still always wanted to make her some sort of book with the photos it in. I think she and her husband were trying to figure out what to do with that bulky poster board as well (now they can toss it!).
When their little girl was coming upon her first birthday, I finally got the idea I was waiting for. I made a board book that had the photo for each week I had taken a photo (from week 14 to week 39). On each photo was information about how big the baby was, what part of the baby's body was developing, etc.
I bound the book with my Cinch binding tool.
I used chip board for the pages, and printed on card stock, and then laminated the top side. Wanted it to be able to withstand the smudging of little baby fingers.
Then, I added in a little "find the object" game, where I listed small animals, car, boat, shell, etc., and then hid these items throughout the book.
The book had threefold educational purposes. There were fruits and veggies showing how big she was; there were descriptions of what parts of her little body were developing; and then there was the little picture search game.
I loved making this book for my special friend.   She is such a happy girl!!!
Tucked it into a bag I made that came from SVG Cuts' Parkside Row SVG Kit, added a little stuffed critter, and it was ready to go.

Happy 1st Birthday, Macy Flynn!

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  1. Just like you to do something so kind and thoughtful! Its a wonderful gift and she is precious! Blessing my friend.