Sunday, January 15, 2012

Celebrating with keepsake cards

I've been making these cards with my own twist for a while now.  They're fun to make, and very personal. They do not open; they are just the front and back of heavy chipboard. I design the front and back (5x7 with 1/8" bleed) in Photoshop.  For the back, I make an extra overlay of the lower edge element and duplicate it to make a pocket.  After I print the cards, I laminate the printouts (front, back and overlay) on one side only.  I then glue it down onto the heavy chipboard.  On the back 5x7, I leave a bit of the lower edges where the overlay will be unlaminated so that it will glue on more securely.  I then have a pocket where I can put a gift card. I've done these for weddings and birthdays.  It's a fun way to give a gift card while giving a small keepsake also.

Happy crafty side to you!

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