Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bridal Shower Decor

So, as you who know me are aware, I am NOT a gardener. I hate getting dirty (I know, all of you people who love to get dirty and into the soil to garden are cringing). Anyway, when I had the pleasure of co-hosting a wedding shower it became necessary to clean out a large, overgrown bush in my front yard.  As I was cutting it down, I noticed the branches and how perfect they might be to use to make a lattice.  I picked out the ones I wanted to use, and proceeded to use them to make three lattice wall hangings, one of the bride, one of the groom and one of them as a couple.  I laid them out on my kitchen table and used a glue gun for placement and then added wire thread to reinforce the joints.  My daughter loved them so much, I had to make one for her as well.  So, here are the lattices that I came up with.  It was a fun conversation piece.  The bride loved them so much she had them displayed at her wedding.

Happy crafting!

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