Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heart of My Heart

I requested February as my month to host Bunco (my first time, since I was a sub last year and this year I'm in as a permanent).  So, since SVG Cuts always has fun things available for each holiday, I decided to make the Bunco group girls a little candy box.  The pattern is from SVG Cuts in their Love Me Do SVG Kit.  I made the boxes 85% of their original size so the portion of M&Ms seemed more suitable.  The dice were a fluke.  I had ordered some brads from Oriental Trading Co. and instead they sent me 12 sets of these little dominoes.  They didn't want me to send them back so I gave a few to my sis-in-law and had no clue what to do with the rest of them. It came to me that dice would be cute, so I had my husband use the scroll saw to cut a few of the dominoes in half.  I realized afterwards that they were made of plastic and I could cut them with my scissors.  I made the small heart in Photoshop, and used the cut outs from the boxes for the little heart garland in the background.  The boxes were cut and scored with my Sizzix Eclips.

Sweets to the Sweet

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