Friday, October 5, 2012

ATC Swaps - Summer and BTS

Joined my first ATC swaps this summer with some of the ladies at the SVG Cuts forum.  I'd never done this before and it was such a fun way to share with people and get fun things in the mail!  For those not familiar with what an ATC is, it's an artist trading card, a small card 2.5"x3.5" that you make for a number of people and swap.  They are done with pretty much any art medium.  I've seen them with painters, photographers, graphic artists, etc.  We have begun one through SVG Cuts, so there will be a mainly paper cutting art.

The first one we did was an Ocean/UnderTheSea Theme.  You could use any medium you wanted, and do whatever you wanted.  Being new, I stuck to my tried and true SVG Cuts files.  Here's my submission for the swap.

That little sand dollar was less than a half-inch wide, so you can imagine how intricate my cutter can cut.  I love my Sizzix Eclips!

There were seven of us in our group, and all of the ATCs turned out great.  We even had one that was hand painted!  It was truly a piece of art, and I felt honored to get it, as I can't draw a stick figure. Here are the submissions for the swap.

The next ATC swap was a Back to School swap.  Everyone again had full reign on what they wanted to do, as long as it was 2.5" by 3.5".  And, just imagine, one of the swaps came all the way from Greece!  Mariela put each person's name on the front in Greek.  Her's even opened up and had a globe and a paper airplane and other items on the inside.  It was wonderful!

Here's my submission on the BTS swap.

I always brown-bagged it when I was in elementary school, and was quite envious of anyone who had a lunch pail.  At one point, I was given a hand-me down lunch pail with this exact plaid print.  I found the print on the Internet and printed my own paper for it.  I loved that lunch box.

Again, we had some wonderful submissions for this BTS swap.  Here's a photo of our groups submissions.

Read the subjects on the little Report Card.  It's just darling.  I feel sort of "out of touch" with the BTS theme, as my daughter is married and in grad school.  But, it was still so fun to revisit this time and share with these talented ladies.  I'll be posting again a couple of weeks, as we are now in the midst of our Halloween ATC swap!  I've received a couple of them, and they are fab!

Back to School = Peace and Quiet!

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