Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween ATC 2012

Here's the next ATC swap for SVG Cuts.  Halloween, of course!  Wow, my outlook on Halloween has really changed this year.  I've been loving all of the Halloween themed projects.  However, due to time constraints, I made mine pretty simple this time. Just 4 pieces.  And, I have to say it made the entire swap so enjoyable.  OK, so part of it is a friend who challenges me to get things done in a timely manner (thanks Jeannie!) so I'm not stressed with deadlines.
My submission is a simple one made with files from SVG Cuts.
 Here is my group (plus a couple extras that were sent to me by kind friends).  They turned out so cute and so fun!  Some of the detail and techniques used were amazing.
I just have to share the one made by Amy.  She did a small interactive one that was so stinkin cute.
Thanks to everyone who participated.  Now on to fall!

Don't turn off the lights!

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