Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Banner Swap

This was such a fun swap in which to participate.  Amy (Aimitup) asked a few of us to participate in a trial swap, to see if it would be feasible to do it on a larger scale.  The theme, of course, was FALL, and we each made four copies of one letter, and then mailed the other three to the others.

Here's how it turned out.  I love it!

Amy sent us our backgrounds and the letters (and outlines), and then we each decorated it as we saw fit.  She also gave us a color photo of the other participants' blank banners, so we could get a feel for the color scheme.

Elizabeth's was the first one, the F:

Amy did the A (just realized while typing this that "A" is for Amy!):
I did the first L:
And, Brigit (Brigit's Scraps) did the second L:
I honestly think this is one of my most favorite projects thus far.  I love looking at the banner.  It turned out so wonderful.  We all put  the banners together any way we wanted.  Brigit put wooden beads between the flags, and I liked the idea, but didn't have any.  So, I made more of the acorns and cut a bunch. Each one is 6-7 thicknesses of paper, and the twine goes through the center of each one.  Amy used eyelets, and then tied them together, and it looked awesome.

I hope we get to do another one for Christmas!

The falling leaves drift by my window. . .

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  1. Really like this one too--fun to have one for each season!