Thursday, October 18, 2012

Creepy Chandelier!

Here we are at such a fun time of year.  I'm so excited to show you my rendition of a Spooky Chandelier.  It was so fun to make.  It was made for the Halloween Challenge over at SVG Cuts Facebook.  All cut files were to be used from five kits/collections (I used four of them).  Here's a little description of how I went about it.
The body of the chandelier was the tree (used upside down) from Hazel's Wicked Witch Craft.  I opened the tree in ECAL and duplicated it, flipped one over book style, let them overlap a bit and welded them.
I cut 12 of these.  I scored down the middle so it would fold into a 90° angle.  (6 one way, and the other 6 flipped opposite since they were not identical).
After creased, I glued them in four groups of three. I then placed the four sides together (trees upside down) and paper clipped them.  At this point, it sat for about a week so I could figure out in my head how to install the luminaries.
 I combined two copies of a flourish from Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection and welded them together.  They were embossed, and inked with silver, then bronze. Then applied them to all eight 'tree trunks.'

The luminaries are from the Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit.  I revised a little because I was afraid they would be too tall.  So, I cut the top part off (Thanks for showing me how, Linda Hurley!).  Also, I welded a small square on one of the 'fence' areas, so I'd have stronger support to hold the luminaries.  Then cut a small slit on the side and bottom.
To make the attachment a bit stronger, I took some 24 gauge wire, folded it in half, and inserted it between the two sets of tree branches.  Then, when I put the branches into the luminary, I bent the edge of the branch and the wires in opposite directions.  After attaching, I added another bottom and side piece to the inside of the luminary to hold everything in place and hide the wire.
I was almost done, but I started thinking (I hate when I do that!).  I decided it needed some crystals.  So, I looked through the kits/collections allowed in the challenge, and found the treat cones in the Party On Elm Street SVG Kit.  Bought some acetate.  Opened the cone in ECAL, shrunk it way down, made a scrunched down one and flipped it up, then welded one side, and scored the folds.  They were really little to work with.
Used some jump rings to attach them to the chandelier, and...I think I'm just about done!  Added a couple of spiders from Spooky Silhouettes SVG Collection and Hazel's Wicked Witch Craft, as well as some spider web to top it off.
Here's a photo against a white wall.  You can see some details, like the spiders, that are hard to see on the black background, but you can't see the spider webs.  I duplicated the spider with the eyes and put red tissue paper between the layers at the eyes so they glowed red.  I used some tarnished-looking chain to hang the chandelier.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I loved making it!

Don't be afraid of the Dark . . .


  1. Wow! You blew me away with this one! I love how creative you were, how you thought so far out of the box! It's fantastic, Deb! And then, when I didn't think you could surprise me anymore, I find out you made the crystals! OMG! I thought you bought those! They are just perfect! The whole piece is a halloween work of art! Proud of you, sis! Hugs, Debra

  2. I LOVE your adorable Chandelier! I can only say one word, WOW! You really outdid yourself, Deb! Now, that's thinking outside the box for The details and your creativeness is amazing. Great job! I love those crystals!!


  3. Deb! I love it!!! So inventive and very fun to look at! You are so talented!
    ❤ Susan